We all feel it, we all see things we want and need to buy, to make us feel a lot of things. And being a child of poverty and building my success through service, I had to learn what ‘the clothes don’t make the man’ actually means.

The U.S. apparel market is about two trillion dollars annually. And it has made us believe that our value is directly tied to our appearance. Some people strive simply towards the appearance of success so much, they’re not actually striving for internal success. God once again designed it right all along. Nakedness is often associated with sin, so to be clothed means to be covered in Christ, ideally.

How do we cover ourselves in Christ, if we are only covering ourselves in labels? God calls for us to be modest, and to do that we need to edit what we buy and wear. This should always be a factor in what we put on, and it’s the same for my employees’ and our company dress codes.

Three tips for modesty that isn’t boring:

  1. Necklines don’t have to feel suffocating. Have fun with cool collars and turtlenecks.
  2. There is such a thing as too tight, for any gender. Just don’t cross that line.
  3. When you aren’t sure, choose to set an example, first.