If there is anything that Keion Henderson knows for certain, it’s that “shifts occur all around you everyday.” They come in small and large waves, but life is rarely stagnant, and in order to survive–and thrive–you need to be able to weather all of the changes that may come your way. Henderson is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, TX, and he’s been through his fair share of life’s big and little shifts. His unique life experiences have given him the insight into how to look past the hardship of our current states and see the bigger picture: periods of change are opportunities for self-reflection and growth.

Keion Henderson is no stranger to radical shifts that have required him to reflect, ask questions, practice forgiveness, and grow. He was raised by a single mother in Gary, IN, and learned at a formative age that his father was the pastor of his church, but would not acknowledge him publicly for fear of judgment and embarrassment. As a teen, Henderson suffered disappointment when a torn ACL ended his basketball season and the career aspirations he fostered. As a young adult, his first marriage ended in divorce. And when he joined the ministry and saw his church thrive, he faced yet another seismic shift when his beloved mentor and grandfather passed away. Each major shift was a stumbling block for Henderson, but over the years he learned to see these moments as opportunities.

Despite all of the uncertainty and fear that comes with major life upheavals, Henderson wrote The Shift so that readers will learn to “embrace life’s changes, no matter how painful they may seem.” After all, according to Albert Einstein, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” In order to help readers navigate the shifts in their lives, Henderson has come up with questions, guidance, and inspiration that will help readers identify their hang-ups and help them see a way forward, rather than drifting aimlessly. His faith-based approach is a supportive method that asks readers to be honest about showing up, doing the work, seeing hard times through to the next success, learning from the periods of struggle to deepen their connections with family, loved ones, and their community.

Henderson’s ministry and entrepreneurship have led him to share his message about shifting through difficult periods with a wide audience. He founded L3: Life, Lead and Learn Conference and Business Lab, which aims to help business and ministry leaders learn how to become better managers and leaders and share information to help them uplift their communities. Henderson knows better than anyone that we must “realize you can’t go backward and forward at the same time–not without getting stuck. Your new season will provide something that your old season could not produce.”

Learn more about Henderson’s journey and his advice and guidance for weathering life’s changes in The Shift.

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