Making Wardrobe Keion

A big part of leadership is about being prepared, not only for what is needed, or what one will contribute, but also about making sure your business is in order, so you are able to focus on the tasks at hand. Wardrobe is no different.

“For me, style is a broad idea because we need pieces for every facet of ourselves. I wouldn’t wear the same suit to a business meeting as I would to a sermon. Form must follow function, and day-to-day as a CEO and Senior Pastor, my demands change on the hour. It’s part of my job to be wardrobe-ready,” said Pastor Keion.

Here are Pastor’s five tips on buying timeless work uniforms:

  1. Pick up pieces along the way – there are always delayed planes, late meetings, and pit stops that one should use wisely and be open to when conquering a day’s list. “I never feel guilty about stopping at a hotel lobby shop – I can find rare unique things if I always keep an eye out.”
  2. Quality doesn’t have to be expensive. Sales, smaller brands and specialty shops can be unexpected bargains. “It’s easy to get distracted by trends. I try and stay focused on good value I can keep for years.”
  3. Accessories Count. “I wear a lot of casual and comfortable things for in-motion hours. Sneakers must be nice because I am on my feet so much. I stopped fighting this cost years ago.”
  4. Being Healthy fixes a lot of wardrobe battles. “The more I stay on my workout game, the less battles I have when preparing to be in front of people.”
  5. Use Tact. “Sometimes I am the speaker, sometimes I am the attendee. Don’t outdress your host, and don’t set the wrong tone by not making effort. Meet people where they are. Especially young folks- dress for the position you want, not the position you have.”

Dress for the position you want, not the position you have.

By Sarah Moursund @sarahellisonlewis