Life is busy. Life is so busy in fact, I have had four wardrobe changes near me on any given day. It’s important for me not to spend a ton of time preparing these piles every single night and morning. So, many of my pieces are interchangeable.

Separates is a buzzword, but it’s essential in men’s wear. I have a lot of sport coats and jeans. Jeans must be tailored because I am long, and I don’t want anything slowing me down – no extra fabric or bells and whistles. Button-downs have to be neutral even when they are branded – they need to go with many jeans. And jackets need to be seasonless. I can wear a few heavier pieces, but being in front of the camera a lot doesn’t allow for me to get overheated. Lightweight wools and blends keep me together without weighing me down.

Three key quality pieces every man should have: 1) a tailored sport coat you can wear any day or any month of the year, 2) a loafer or lace-up dress shoe, simple and casual enough for church or dressy enough for a business meeting late in the day 3) A timepiece to anchor, even if I am in a hoodie. I always have a watch on.

By Keion Henderson @pastorkeion