We certainly are living in a material world. But the Bible says we are to be in the world, and not of it. How can we translate this holiness into our appearance and follow through?

  1. I know that women like shiny things, and there’s nothing that will change that. And that’s all fine and good unless it becomes out of order – not rightly ordered. When any of us put too much bounty on our appearance, we use one another for our own needs instead of glorifying God by being joyful in our appearance, for His needs. As a man, this is a little easier – our swag is more inherently understated. But the male cardinal is the red one! We have a lot of fire inside and want to express it too. We need to keep our priorities straight – are we in service, or are we trying to eat up all the attention in the room? By checking our hearts, we can check our closets.
  2. Set yourself up for success by not setting yourself up for failure. A wise man always has something to say, but a fool always has to say something. This is the same for style. If you lower your sound, I can hear you with clarity. But because you are so loud, your style is distorted. I think God sees us the same way.
  3. In terms of trends, don’t wear everything you like on the same day. Don’t wear every label you have at once. The gratification is not in the individual clothing but in the person that wears it. And as a barber, the value of a clean-cut or beard trim elevates a man no matter what he has on.

By Clarence Singleton and wife Keionna, Singles Ministry Leader // Owner of Dream Chasers Beauty & Barber Studio @cleothebarber 

Clarence Singleton and wife Keionna